It is a task management platform for mobile workforce, providing an opportunity to determine the location of an employee, delegate tasks and get the information about task implementation.

    Contact our manager (page „CONTACT US“).

    All the devices with Android OS from 4.0 version are suitable. Besides, there are some specialized water and dust resistant Android devices to work outside the office.

    No. „Ką daryt?“ is suitable for single or recurring (periodic) task management. Also, there is no possibility to combine tasks into projects.

    No. „Ką daryt?“ is created for field workforce to mark the progress of the tasks in specialised mobile app. Web program includes task distribution and reports. There is no possibility to fill in the task progress in web program.

    Contact our manager. We will evaluate your needs and offer some options. Changes can be implemented after having agreed on a technical task.

    No. We suggest you to contact your mobile network operator to get a device proposal.


    Web program synchronises data at intervals set by your service administrator.

    An employee can reload the data himself in his mobile device, if needed.

    We recommend to use devices with mobile network and data transfer service (to get the best offer, contact your mobile network operator). That will ensure timely exchange of information. Big files (images) can be sent using Wi-Fi (in order to reduce connection costs).

    Currently there are no restrictions on the amount of data.

    Yes, you can. There is import of data of goods and equipment used by clients, objects or during service provision.

    Yes, there is integration module. We would like to get the extent of integration and your needs in writing. We prepare the technical task and estimate the cost of work.


    Yes. Our company has been providing services via the internet for more than a decade. The technical equipment is stored at our premises. Energy and network supply is, also,  guaranteed. Besides, each „Ką daryt?“ client receives a separate database and administrators connection.

    There is a possibility to limit access to information within the company, using employee rights and grouping. The service provider is registered in local Data Protection Inspectorate
    and act in accordance with legal requirements.

    There is a comprehensive user guide. Moreover, we can help you to create the basic task versions, so you could start using the program.

    The service may be temporarily suspended. Send us a request and do not forget to mention the desired service suspension period (page „CONTACTS“).

    Worker’s location can be determined, when the GPS receiver is turned on in his device. It is a necessary condition, if location determination is mentioned in the task type.


    Yes, there is such possibility. You can buy a license for the program. Please contact our manager (page „CONTACTS“).


    Evaluate the time spent on delegating tasks, control of work progress, reports to your clients and so on.  If there are at least several employees, who work outside the office, try our service for a month and you will objectively evaluate the changes in your processes. The program is universal and adaptable to a variety of management tasks.

    These employees will feel the benefit:

    – task distributors: they see which employee works on a particular object, who can get a new assignment or how to redistribute the work.
    – those who carry out the tasks: do not forget any tasks, have a clear work plan for each day, week and so on.
    – accountants: immediately receive information about the cost of materials, labor time. The possibility of errors reduces and the billing is faster.
    – managers – see the workload of a team, can plan additional resources or compare the effectiveness of different employees objectively.

    Every company solves different tasks at the same time (even those with the same activity). One organization focuses on customer service, another is looking for the sources of work efficiency, the third has problems with staff turnover and training new people.

    We can help you to evaluate the benefit of„Ką daryt?“ in a particular case, having analysed business processes and areas which need improvement.

    Basic advantages of the service:

    Easier mobile workers and task management.
    – Standardized implementation of the task.
    – Objective data on the task progress.
    – Electronic acts of work and materials.
    – Clients receive invoices faster.
    – Obligations of customer service level and service improvement.


    It depends on the amount of the smartphones or tablets to your mobile workers.

    The subscription fee is calculated for each mobile and web programs user. User of the web program is a person described in „KąDaryt?“ program.

    Mobile application user – IMEI of the mobile device, indicated with the user data.

    The fees are calculated for the previous period (calendar month).


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  • Free 30-day trial
  • Consulting to meet your needs


  • Service „in the cloud“
  • Unlimited amount of data.
  • The subscription fee for each user.


  • System in the clients server.
  • One-time charge.
  • For big companies.